After the evening in Seville, I decided to head to Cadiz for a day.  I was torn on this, as I realized once I got there that there was so much to do in Seville.  But, it was also very hot in Seville, and knowing it was ten degrees (F) cooler in Cadiz, I figured it was worth the trip.  Unfortunately, since I waited so long to book, the only trains back from Cadiz were at 7pm.  This was in May – I imagine the trains are much fuller and harder to book at the last minute in Summer.  If you go, do your homework.  Not doing mine, winging it a bit, I did get burned a few times.  Minor, but lesson learned.  Anyway, the late train meant I would not be able to do much back in Seville that day.

So off to the beach it is!



The center of town is a short walk from the train station.  It was sunny and breezy and perfect (70 degrees) in Cadiz.  Its a cute little town, founded in about 1100BC, and there is lots of beautiful coastline, with very nice public parks.

I walked through one of the many town squares, where there was a little market. Vendor selling small crafts, mostly jewelry.  I eyed one bracelet for 6 euro, decided to think about it over a coffee.  I don’t have much room in my luggage to start buying gifts for myself or others, and I am trying to do this trip on a bit of a budget.  When I went back, it had sold!  It’s a sign, I told myself.  If you see something you want, (and it’s within your budget) go for it, before the opportunity passes.   And damn, if it didn’t go well with what I was wearing that day…

I walked out to the Castle of San Sebastián… but it turns out it was closed, the bridge getting out there had washed out.

There were no signs, really.  People were climbing the low rock walls around the fencing to get there, but near the castle, the bridge was washed out totally, and there was no climbing around the last bit of fencing.

Interesting and pretty, the views back to Cadiz were not as impressive as the websites I found would lead you to believe.  But, hey, I’m in a beach town in the South of Spain, when everyone I know is sitting in an office back home at this very moment.  I am not about to complain.

The Cadiz Cathederal is large.  Its styles is evident. It’s mostly Baroque style and was completed with some elements of the Neoclassical style.


Lunch time!  And I needed to eat big, since there wasn’t much chance of getting a meal closer to my train, since most places close from 4-7pm.   It is hard to eat “big” in Spain, but it is possible and easy to eat in multiple locations!   I had myself a mini tapas crawl, eating at two restaurants; Balandro and Ultramar&Nos.   I’d go back to both again!





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