IMG_1705After leaving Cordoba, Seville was a great next stop.  I would recommend at least two nights and two full days in Seville alone. I planned just two nights in Seville, but arrived late in the day on the first day, and I left too early the last day.  I wish I’d done more homework.  I tried to squeeze a day trip to Cadiz in the middle, and so Seville was a bit rushed.  I wish I’d spent the day in Seville and skipped Cadiz, or done a half day trip to Cadiz (though, it is a nearly two hour train ride, so admittedly, a long trip for a half day.)  Bottom line, whatever you do, don’t skimp on Seville!

I arrived late afternoon, and walked down to the main Plaza, the Plaza de Espana.

It’s huge and striking.  I think early evening is the best time to see it, when the sun hits in in such a way to make for some great pictures. .

I knew I wanted to see the Metropol Parasol next.  It is the worlds largest wooden structure.  I thought it might be best to see it just as the sun had gone down, based on what I’d read online.  Unfortunately, sunset is not until 930pm, so I decided to eat first, even though 8pm is when the restaurants just start to open.  The good ones don’t start serving till 830pm…and I’d scoped out a good one!  So like the annoying tourist I hate to be, I arrived at just after 8pm, sat at the bar (they will let you in for a drink even though the kitchen is not open) and awaited my meal at Ovejas Negras.

The tuna and the risotto were both amazing.  I am not even a huge risotto fan, but apparently this is their most popular dish.  After a good meal and a Rioja (or two) it’s was fun to happily wander along to check out the Metropol Parasol.  It’s an amazing structure, and as always, my photos do not do it justice.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

Cadiz tomorrow… then more Seville later!

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